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01 Dec 2019

Convert Text to Full Width Unicode

Let’s say you’re a vaporwave fan and you want to convert your favorite text to full-width unicode (aka. the aesthetic font). Well, fire up the terminal and let it rip! In case you’re not familiar with vaporwave, here’s a video primer…

Solution in Python

import sys

WIDE_MAP = dict((i, i + 0xFEE0) for i in range(0x21, 0x7F))

def widen(s):
return str(s).translate(WIDE_MAP)

print(widen("hello, world!!!")) # hello, world!!!

Solution in Golang

package main

import (


func main() {
fmt.Println(widen("hello, world!!!"))

func widen(s string) string {
return width.Widen.String(s)

Live Demo

And vaporwave will show here...